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Amsoil Dominator 2T 946ML/ 3.78L

Amsoil Dominator 2T 946ML/ 3.78L

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Race-proven, anti-friction chemistry provides an extra measure of protection against piston scuffing and bearing wear. Superior film strength provides protection in engines that can exceed 10,000 rpm. Burns clean; helps prevent ring sticking and plug fouling. Suitable for use with exhaust power valves.

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  • Engineered with carefully selected, higher-viscosity synthetic base oils to withstand the high heat and pressure common to high-performance and racing applications.
  • Anti-friction chemistry is race-proven to provide an extra measure of protection against piston scuffing and bearing wear.


  • Formulated with clean-burning synthetic base oils and powerful high-temperature detergent additives for exceptional deposit control.
  • Helps prevent power-robbing carbon that causes ring sticking, exhaust port blocking and pre-ignition.
  • Optimized for maximum performance despite severe service.

 Flash Point 94 C


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