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Apico Brake Pedals are designed and tested at the highest level. Manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminium and feature an OEM type forged shaft, a ridged finish on the shaft increases grip helps to reduce mis-breaking commonly associated with a smooth design.

Apico Flexible tips are CNC machined billet aluminium with stainless steel tooth plate and rubber insert for grip. The stainless steel tooth plate provides better grip and will not wear like aluminium tips you may find on the market. Apico Brake Pedal Tips also feature a tooth plate instead of screws, simply due to the fact that screws fall out. A spring loaded rotatable tip completes the Apico Brake Pedal which under impact, such as in a rut, will spin to reduce damage.

Apico Brake Pedal Tips also incorporate a stop on the pivot tip, this stops the tip at 90 degrees of rotation preventing damage that can occur if the tip rotates under the clutch cover.

Apico Brake Pedals come complete a cable brake snake, this helps prevent the pedal shaft being bent around in a collision.

TC125 16-22, TC250 17-22, FC250/350/450 16-22

TE150 17-19, TE250 /300 17-18, TE 150I 20-22, TE250I/300I 18-22, FE250/350/450/501 17-22

TX125/300 17-19, TX300I 20-22, FX350/450 17-22

SX125/150 16-22, SX250 17-22, SXF250/350/450 16-22, XC-F250/350/450 16-22

XC-W125/250 17-19, EXC250/300 17-18, EXC TPI 150 20-23, EXC TPI 250/300 18-23, EXC-F250/350/450/500 17-23

MC125-21-23, MC250 23, MC250F/450F 21-23, MC350F 23

EC250/300 21-23, EC250F/350F 21-23, EX250 22-23, EX 300 21-23, EX250F/350F/450F 21-23

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