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Fork Seal Cleaner

Fork Seal Cleaner

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The easiest way to stop a leaky seal. Most of the time its just a few pieces of dirt that get wedged up in then seal causing them to ooze fluid. With this tool you can pull that dirt or sand down out of the seal and get them to stop leaking.

With it, you can remove dirt from your fork seals effortlessly.

  • No matter whether it's in the garage or directly at the racetrack.
  • This tool extends the life of your seals many times over.
  • For all 45-50 mm forks
  • Removes dirt or sand from seal 
  • Thin blade for cleaning tight upper seal 
  • Thick lower blade for cleaning rubber dust cover
  • Extends the life of your seals 

  • —Remove fork guards 
    —Use a flat head screwdriver to pull down rubber dust cover 
    —Snap Seal Cleaner onto forks 
    —push the tool up into the seal
    —With a rotating motion spine and pull down dirt 
    —Wipe off dirt and oil and repeat as necessary until clean 
    —Use lower part of tool to clean the rubber dust seal cover with same motion

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