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Gibson Tyre MX 3.1

Gibson Tyre MX 3.1

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Product information "MX 3.1 REAR"

GIBSON® MX 3.1 - the soft soil professional.

A rear tire suitable for soft to medium-hard mixed soils. Due to the high lug profile and the optimal alignment of the tread blocks, the GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 3.1 ensures maximum power transmission and secure ground contact.
The special rubber compound ensures pronounced durability and consistent stability over the entire service life of the tire, while keeping its own weight low.
Especially suitable for soft soils, mixed soils, grass / meadow and mud.

  • Competition tire -for the motocross professional and ambitious sports riders

  • narrow design also for smaller cubic classes for agile, fast tracks

  • staggered tread design, enormous grip and thus maximum propulsion

  • recommended for all soft ground types, except hard ground

  • ultra-light construction and soft carcass design guarantee high elasticity

  • high ground contacting tread

  • also available in the relevant junior cross sizes

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