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Gibson Tyre Tech 7.1 Extreme 110/100-18 DOT

Gibson Tyre Tech 7.1 Extreme 110/100-18 DOT

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Triple S Cycle Works Tested
GIBSON® TECH 7.1 SOFT - for fast Enduro.


This ultra-modern rear tire can be used in all training and competitions that are not organized according to the FIM regulations. It convinces with the best characteristics, by its uncompromising tread design with high lugs and an optimal arrangement of the tread blocks, this offers the best possible tire contact area. In addition, the greater tread depth ensures tremendous grip in deep soil and very good self-cleaning.
For sports use on various surfaces, the GIBSON®TYRE TECH
7.1 SOFT were developed. Both variants also feature the uncompromising tread pattern with high lugs in different degrees of hardness. The grip level of the rubber compound is extremely high and thus enables strong propulsion on all surfaces. The all-rounder with approval according to ECE-R75 and DOT.

  • Competition tire - for the professional competition driver

  • perfect for softer, deep grounds, special tests on grass and fields

  • narrow construction also for smaller cubic classes for agile, fast passages

  • very high contact area due to soft rubber compound

  • this means that the tire adapts very well to all irregularities

  • higher lugs than TECH 6.2, therefore not approved by FIM

  • meets the requirements of ECE-R75 and DOT certification

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