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Samco Sport Frame T-Piece Coolant Hose FTP-5-BU

Samco Sport Frame T-Piece Coolant Hose FTP-5-BU

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Samco Sport – manufacturers of the world’s best Silicone Hoses. Samco Sport has been the world leader in performance silicone hose for over 10 years, supplying Formula One, World Rally Championship, World Super Bike teams and Team Factory KTM. These kits are second to none. Manufactured in the UK with a lifetime guarantee. Samco hoses are made from the finest European silicones specifically designed for automotive and motorcycle use.

Sits in the neck of the frame.

These unique KTM frame T-Piece parts have proved hugely popular over the past year, being tested, used, and endorsed by KTM race teams. By eliminating the restricted o.e.m. t-piece, coolant flow is improved and operating temperatures  reduced. Whether you’re a hard core racer or a weekend warrior trail rider, the Samco Sport T-piece is a no-brainer.

  • Removes coolant flow restrictions
  • Greatly improves coolant flow
  • Reduces operating temperature
  • Single molded t-piece
  • Eliminates vulnerable threaded leak points
  • Direct replacement part
  • Eliminates failure from overheating
  • Made in Europe (ALL other brands are made in Asia)
  • Used and endorsed by Team KTM Factory
  • 100% visually tested with a scope
  • 100% pressure tested
  • Guaranteed to 356 degrees
  • UV stable color – orange or black
  • Easily installed with hex removal tool
  • Lifetime guarantee from Samco
  • EX 250F, 2021-and up
  • EX 350F, 2021-and up
    EX 450F, 2021-and up
    MC 250F, 2021-and up
    MC 350F, 2021-and up
    MC 450F, 2021-and up



    FC 250, 2019-and up
    FC 350, 2019-and up
    FC 450, 2019-and up
    FS 450, 2019-and up
    FX 350, 2019-and up
    FX 450, 2019-and up
    FE 250, 2020-and up
    FE 350, 2020-and up
    FE 450, 2020-and up
    FE 501, 2020-and up
    TC 125, 2019-and up
    TC 250, 2019-and up
    TE 150i, 2020-and up
    TE 250i, 2020-and up
    TE 300i, 2020-and up
    TX 300, 2019
    TX 300i, 2020-and up



    125 SX, 2019-and up
    150 EXC TPI, 2020-and up
    150 SX, 2019-and up
    250 EXC TPI, 2020-and up
    250 EXC-F, 2020-and up
    250 SX, 2019-and up
    250 SX-F, 2019-and up
    250 XC, 2019-and up
    250 XC-F, 2019-and up
    300 EXC TPI, 2020-and up
    300 XC TPI, 2020-and up
    350 EXC-F, 2020-and up
    350 SX-F, 2019-and up
    350 XC-F, 2019-and up
    450 EXC-F, 2020-and up
    450 SX-F, 2019-and up
    450 XC-F, 2019-and up
    500 EXC-F, 2020-and up

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