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SKF Removable Mud Scraper Kit

SKF Removable Mud Scraper Kit

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Developed to reduce seal contamination under severe conditions for mud and ice

Available applications: Developed for the most demanding off-road and racing motorcycle forks. The mud scraper kit for motorcycle forks from SKF consists of a pair of ready to fit scrapers made with a new, smart design and with a low friction plastic material. SKF advantages: • Reduced wear • Increased fork seals life and performance • Effectively cleans dried mud from the stanchion • Enhanced water and dirt protection • Withstands UV light • Low and constant friction • User friendly assembly, can be installed “in-field” without fork or wheel removal • Enhanced performance of the fork due to reduced contamination seen by the fork seals The design characteristics of the mud scraper kit promote dynamic sealing abilities: • The kit comprises two mud scrapers and stainless steel assembly pins plus spares • Under extremely muddy conditions, the mud scraper prevents dirt entering the fork and enhances the performance of the other fork components • Special features to ensure that contamination is not retained within the system Developed to specific customer requirements, these scrapers are designed • to operate with a long stroke and at high speed • to withstand heavy contamination • for easy assembly when needed for muddy conditions • for easy removal (and later re-use)

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